Shane Perrin

Shane Perrin

Endurance SUP Racer



Meet Shane Perrin

Feb 20

Posted by productionresource

Endurace SUP Racer Shane Perrin—St. Louis, Mo.

When Shane Perrin became the first stand up paddler to ever enter and complete the world’s longest, non-stop river race last fall, he clocked the entire 340 miles at just under 67 hours. Pretty impressive for a guy from St. Louis who’d just started stand up paddling three years ago out of a canoe. The race also marked the 10th anniversary of the kidney transplant that saved his life.

Now, he’s set his sights on a new round of races unknown to the SUP world. Think the 179-mile La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge and the gritty, 260-mile Texas Water Safari. And for that little, Midwestern 340-mile race known as the Missouri River 340, well, he’s coming back for that too, ready to paddle his way into the elite 50-hour club. Kayakers, you’ve been warned.

Favorite place to paddle

I live 10 minutes from the Meramec River. I usually do most my training there. I’ll paddle upstream long distances so there’s good resistance. On the way back downstream, it’s all about speed.

Must haves for races

Every race I duct tape a laminated picture of my son to my deck bag. It’s brought me through the most difficult times. When I’m running on empty or when I am hurting, I look at the picture and it carries me through.

I also use # 1115 on my board. It’s my son’s birthday.

Excitement of the 2012 season

I am most excited about the opportunities Pau Hana and my sponsors have provided for me. Pau Hana taking me to Belize is unreal! My custom-designed 18′ board from Todd Caranto that is being made for river racing is going to be unlike anything out there. Fast, durable, and able to hold my gear for 340-mile races. It will change endurance paddling.

Race you’d most like to conquer

I tried to get into the Yukon River Quest for 2012. I want it bad. It’s a 450- mile race where you’re for the most part, unsupported in cold water paddling in a remote location. I asked the board to consider letting me race, but they just weren’t ready to change their rules to let a SUP into the race. If the opportunity opens up in 2013, I’m there.

Since I moved to Missouri in 2006, I’ve had it in my head that I am going to paddle the entire length of the Missouri river. Now I am looking at completing it on a SUP. My goal is to paddle the entire 2400 miles of the river in under 60 days. The biggest hurdle will be financing the expedition.

SUP in the Midwest is unknown territory

The Midwest SUP scene is ready to explode. The biggest hurdle is there is not a SUP community yet. A local Pau Hana dealer out of Kansas City, Piddle Paddle, has also been instrumental in bringing the SUP world to the Midwest scene. They are also one of my biggest supporters. I have been finding people here and there that have SUPs but don’t know where to paddle other than lakes. There are tons of amazing rivers here that are underutilized. The most common reason is that people are afraid to take a SUP on the river. Once I get them out there it opens up a whole new world to them.



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